Monday, 28 December 2015

Seaside Strolling

With winter daylight at a premium, I love making the most of the Christmas break with a chance to visit the beach for a seaside stroll. The fresh air and churning sea is the best refreshment I know, and you never know what you might find washed up.

The sea was particularly choppy today and the winds had blown lots of seaweed onto the beach.

Possibly Egg Wrack seaweed - dark green with little parcels

Thongweed - long and stringy seaweed

With the seaweed came lots of tiny jellyfish and velella velella which I've never seen before. These cute blue creatures are cousins of the jelly fish family and travel where the wind takes then using their little fins. Cute!

Velella velella

Small pink jellyfish 
Small orange jellyfish

The perfect way to end a winters day.