Sunday, 24 May 2015

The high seas with Watersports Academy

With summer supposedly on it's way to England, Mark and I have a few water based adventures planned in our corner of the world. Over the coming months we will be kayaking, surfing and trying out SUP, but today we're starting with an afternoon sail in world famous Poole Harbour. Here's what happened...

Mark and I taking the helm

There aren't many catamarans in Poole Quay, so Mark easily picked out the one he thought we'd be spending the afternoon on as we stand excitedly on the quayside.

We've booked a sailing afternoon in Poole with the Watersports Academy aboard a Lagoon 440 Catamaran and whilst the weather is more than a little disappointing, we're enthusiastically told it isn't going to rain as we meet our skipper.

After being shown aboard and confused about how to use the loo, we set sail! There's a breeze so we will be able to do some actual sailing, but it later turns out that anything to do with the sails is mostly mechanically operated - and rightly so after a glass of bubbly or two which we sip as we meander through the waters.

The view on board

Despite the chilling wind, we brave the outside seating areas, enjoying the views and waving to the other boats in the harbour. It's funny how an blank expanse of water so viewed from the shore quickly becomes a maze to navigate through once you are in it. Buoys, boats and jetskis dart about around us as we turn off the motor and let the wind carry us.

Once we are past the mouth of the harbour (and everyone is clear exactly which house is Harry Redknaps) the British Channel opens up in front of us, and we are treated to wonderful views of Old Harry Rocks and the start of the Jurassic Coast. 

Nautical navigational charts

We retreat to the warmth of the cabin for the return journey, and arrive back at port chilly, but having thoroughly enjoyed our time aboard! Find out more about Yachting with the Watersports Academy now.

In my next post, I'll be tell you all about my trip to Marrakesh!