Thursday, 12 June 2014


3 - 5 June

En route to Milan from Florence we had a 2 night pit stop in Bologna. I didn't know much about this small city other than that it is the home of a staple meal in almost every family I know, and it is home to the worlds oldest university.

On our first evening we visited the central square and sought out some spaghetti bolognaise, which conceals itself under the name tagliatelle ragu. Its was different to how its served in the UK; less sauce and all mixed into the pasta, but it was delicious!

Real ragu

Arched pathways decorate this pretty city, and it reminded me of Covent Garden. Countless students on bicycles decorated the streets. Unlike many of the other cities we've visited, Bologna wasn't swarming with tourists; we could move and explore, blend in even!

Archways of Bologna

The biggest sight for tourists in Bologna is the Two Towers. These were build in medieval times and the tallest of the two is 97m. We climbed to the top, for a stunning view of the city and surrounding countryside. We watched the rain sweep over the city, and it passed as we slowly and steadily made our way back down the steps.

The view from the top of the tallest tower

One thing I can say for sure is that arriving at our large faceless hotel showed me that I definitely prefer smaller hotels and bed and breakfasts. They are so much more welcoming and homely; just what I need being so far from home!

After our day in Bologna we made our way to our last tourist stop in Italy. We were off to Milan!