Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mui Ne

23 - 27 March 2014

We arrive in Mui Ne a little after lunch and are warmly greeted at our hotel 'Mui Ne Hills 2' and shown to our rooms. Its not long before we are dozing beside the pool in the shade of the frangipani tree.

The pool has a panoramic view of the sea and we can watch the kitesurfers whilst enjoying the cool breeze and very chilled out playlist.

The beach is a little disappointing, with a strong current and high winds, not great if you aren't there to kite surf, but we do come from very spoiled Bournemouth in terms of nice beaches. The whole area here is tailored to kitesurfers though so if that's your kind of thing, this is the place for you!

Mui Ne reminds me in parts of Greece and Turkey in the hills and rustic lifestyle, and Tulum (Mexico) for the relaxed traveller vibe and shabby chic coolness.

We find a groovy sand covered place for cheap drinks in the evening, and indulge in a delicious burger. Here, flip flops are left at the entrance to get the sand between your toes and the sound system is playing chill out. As usual there is a friendly dog and some clicking lizards in the distance.

For whatever reason Mui Ne is full of Russians, so much so the menu, signs and shops all cater to them. Its so interesting to be the minority somewhere, but it makes finding somewhere to eat a bit harder. One night I eat the greenest green curry ever (I literally mean bright green) and on our last night we treat ourselves to a slap up Indian that really hits the spot!

Overall, Mui Ne is everything we needed. Sun, swimming and not a lot else.

In the morning we will be off to Dalat!