Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothers Day

A few words about my mother, on Mothers day.

My mum is a mother is every sense of the word. She embodies motherliness and nurturing.

As a young girl she cared for a small boy named Daniel, and was on her way to becoming a nurse when she fell pregnant with my brother.

Nine years later she brought me mouth first into the world; and I haven't shut up since (she would say)!

She has always cared for me and protected me to the best of her ability, and through the rough and the smooth, we are now dear friends with a relationship I can only wish to have with my children, in the future, a long time from now!

Since becoming a Grandmother, her motherliness has been re-ignited as if caring for someone her natural instinct, simply what she is meant to do, aspects of which I can see reflected in the devotion she showed to her father during the last years of his life, and her work in the maternity department of Poole Hospital.

When I recently moved home before leaving for South East Asia it didn't take her long to slip back into mother mode for both myself and Mark. We moved on a Saturday and the following Monday when we both headed out to work, she'd laid out lunch options for us in the kitchen; a buffet of fruit, snacks and treats. We almost decided not to leave!!

When it was time to part at the airport she was strong and left me only with messages of love and strength to support my nerves and fears. Even from the other side of the world she is giving me advice and support to help me see I am making the right decisions and any disappointments and simply chances to learn and grow.

So, on this mother's day, I'd just like to say thank you to my mummy, who's still singing me to sleep from 9,000 miles away. Have a wonderful mothers day!