Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The benefit of experience

This is the first time I have packed for long term travelling. Even during university I didn't "half move out" like everyone else to live a life between halls and home. This makes knowing what to pack quite difficult, and there are a few questions that have been coming back to me time and time again...

Is sun cream really that expensive in South East Asia?
Will I be able to find feminine hygiene products in Vietnam?
Can Sure Maximum Protection give me what I need from a deodorant?

The list goes on.

Then my friend Anita came to visit, with stories from her recent round the world trip (which included Thailand and the Cook Islands) ripe for the picking.

She echoed what other friends had been saying all along, and I started to realise I'm only asking all these questions because I'm scared. I have no experience whatsoever and It's making me nervous. I have never been away from home for more than a few weeks, and never so far away.

But what even is home? I've sold my belongings, packed up what's left and shoved it in my mum's loft. I'm back in my old room, but it isn't mine anymore. The only home I have is with Mark, and he's coming with me!

Mark is something I do have a lot of experience in! With him I know I am safe. Mark is very protective of me, careful not to flash the cash and cautious. He is also organised, with documents, backups and copies coming out of his ears. Most importantly he is practical, and can make the most of any situation without too much grumbling, which is something I think we are both going to need whilst travelling.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, that even though I won't have the comforts of a home around me, and I have no idea what my realities are about to be, it doesn't matter. I have the best travelling partner I could ever ask for, and we are in it together!

That's all the home I need.