Sunday, 25 May 2014

The newlyweds

Today, 25th May 2014 is our first wedding anniversary!

This time last year I was getting myself ready to marry my best friend and partner in every sense of the word. We would have the best and happiest day of our lives surrounded by all those we love and love us.

This time last year I also had a lovely big flat a short stroll from one of the best beaches in the UK. I had a job, a car, debts and a full diary of family gatherings and dinners with friends.

In the past year, our first as a married couple, I've moved all my stuff to my parents house, quit my job, paid my debts and sold anything I could to raise funds for travelling.

But one thing hasn't changed. Mark is still my partner in everything, and without him I don't think I would have had the courage to break out of my comfort zone. In fact I think he is my comfort zone. Travelling with him means I can choose to cuddle up like it's a rainy Sunday, I can drink like it's a Friday and I can moan like it's a Monday and so can he.

It has always been noticeable to me how compatible we were at home, and even on the road I don't think we've been any different. We still think the same thoughts and perfectly assume our different roles, namely Mark looking after the money and me handling the logistics.

We vowed to each other a life of excitement, adventure and love and I can certainly say we are keeping our promises.

So let me finish by saying, Mark I love you. Thank you for a wonderful first year of marriage, and I can't wait for all those we have to come. 

"Love is what happens when your roots have grown towards each other underground, so that when all the pretty blossom has fallen from your branches, you find that you are one tree and not two."