Saturday, 28 December 2013

Claire's top apps for travelling

So now that I've finally got a tablet (thanks Mum!) I'm deep in thought planning which apps to download for whilst we are away.

Here are my top 6 - because I couldn't keep it to 5.

1. Skype
Not only is Skype going to be critical for late night/early morning chats with the family, but so far all of our TEFL job interviews have taken place on Skype. We can only hope we can do the same when we are applying for jobs back in the UK!

2. Air BnB
Since starting a budget plan for our travels, Air BnB has stood out as a quick and easy way of finding cheap accommodation in even the most unlikely of places.

3. Skyscanner
Whilst we would like to do as much travelling as we can overland, there will be times when we will need to fly, and Skyscanner is the best way of finding the cheapest flights.

4. Instagram
It's finally my turn to take an amazing trip, and I plan on sharing some envy inducing 'grams!

5. First Aid by British Red Cross
My practical and cautious side tells me this app, which even works offline, will be a very important app to have in my repertoire.

6. Kindle
Even though I am a self-certified paper preacher, books are unfortunately bulky, so I'll only be bringing a few choice paper books with me, and will rely on the Kindle app for all other reading aside from what I can pick up whilst on the road!